Is Jay Cutler A Thumbsucker?

March 17th, 2009

As Joe will point out in a post a bit later this morning in slightly more detail, though he would like to see Jay Cutler in a Bucs uniform, Joe is developing some reservations.

Joe isn’t the only Joe starting to think twice about the prospect of Cutler barking signals for the Bucs. So too is Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune.

In short, Henderson is beginning to think of Cutler as a child who is in dire need of a nap.

Cutler is a young, seriously talented quarterback with big-game experience, but he hasn’t exactly distinguished himself in the last few weeks. You can be initially upset that your team tried to trade you, but at some point you have to take your thumb out of your mouth and get over it.

Repeat after me: The NFL is a business!

If Cutler is acting like this now, who can say for sure how’d he be here?

As Peter King of has pointed out, Cutler initially asked for a trade when Broncos owner Pat Bowlen had a housecleaning of the coaching staff. Then Cutler gets mad because he was damned near traded to the Bucs.

What gives? Either you wanted a trade or not Cutler. Don’t blame the Broncos for trying to swap you when you asked for a move.

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