T.O.? Hell No!!!

March 5th, 2009


When Joe heard last night that Dallass Cowboys owner Jerry Jones turned loose that narcissistic malcontent coach-killing bigot of a wide receiver, Joe feared someone would suggests the Glazer Boys offer him a contract.

Thankfully the first Joe read of such a suggestion came from a voice of reason, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

Signing Owens would make a p.r. splash and trigger a mad dash to Tampa for ESPN crews, but it makes little football sense. Owens is well past his prime and the Bucs would be making a huge mistake by deviating from their game plan.

While Kaufman takes the analytical approach of why the Bucs wouldn’t want a 35-year old receiver, Joe takes the common sense approach:


Aren’t you glad Joe is such a calm, reasoned soul?

Look, this malcontent Dallass just turned loose has worlds of talent but his head is so effed up it’s pathetic. At best, he’s an All-Pro who is a dangerous weapon in the passing attack. At worst, he is a mental patient in dire need of a padded room who will do nothing but complain about every one and every thing, trying to make every game HIS stage and all about HIM, thereby destroying the locker room while searching for every free microphone and camera to preen (and cry) to between giving half-assed efforts on the field.

Mike Tyson is more level-headed than this buffoon. Drew Rosenhaus deserves to be his babysitter.

9 Responses to “T.O.? Hell No!!!”

  1. Kris Says:

    Wes Craven himself couldnt have scripted this “Nightmare” of a “Dream” You just KNOW Team Obliterator will end up lining up next to “The Soldier” Its a match made in hell,and the geniuses who put this team gm and coaching staff together wont be able to help themselves. Get your popcorn ready,this is goin 2 be a huge train wreck.

  2. Bob F. Says:

    Look for T.O. to end up in Washington where another Steinbrenner spend at all costs owner exists…Dan Snyder. WR is a position of need in D.C. and it’s one of the few places that Owens hasn’t burned some bridges like he has in San Fran, Philly or Big D. The best part of the whole Owens release was seeing Jerry “Huck” Jones having to swallow some pride along with a big cap hit.

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey bring TO on board and when he screams at Raheem it’s an excuse for a less than .500 season right?

  4. leningan Says:

    while on the topic of WR’s… who should we be hoping for. The list seems pretty slim in my mind. Obviously Boldin would be great, I just don’t think that he will be leaving. How do you all feel about LaVerneous (sp?) Coles….?

  5. Kris Says:

    well considering coles signed with the bengals without a peep from the bucs he is off the list,and t.j signed with seattle,so this stupid coach and gm like Clayton and Stovall as our 2 wr appearently

  6. leningan Says:

    Yeah, i saw the news on Coles just after I posted that. So, should we be hoping for someone along the lines of Lance Moore? Does any WR want to catch balls from Luke? can we have Dawsey or Carrier back? Are there any AFL guys worth a shout? They’re certainly looking for work…

  7. Kris Says:

    “Does any WR want to catch balls from Luke?” Good point,though another question could be “Can Luke put the ball in the hands of a player on Tampa”

  8. leningan Says:

    point taken… as long as he’s not lopping off digits with his axe

  9. MTM Says:

    No more d-bags(“allegedly”). We have Jeremy Stevens . We are already over our limit.