Griese: “I Want To Be The Starter”

March 22nd, 2009

The heck with Jay Cutler, Son of Bob says he wants the damn ball.

Hold on Luke lovers and Cutler dreamers.

Don’t forget about Brian “Son of Bob” Griese. Sir Pickedalot wants to run the Bucs’ show in 2009.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski is looking for a pocket passer to lead a vertical game and, well, Son of Bob can stand firm in the pocket with the best of them. Heck, he won’t even move.

Now Joe is not here to take another round of shots at Son of Bob. That’s getting old.

But Son of Bob is speaking out. In a truly well done story in today’s Denver Post, Griese talks about the Jay Cutler controversy and himself.

His contract with Tampa Bay runs for two more years. “I don’t want to just hang around the game. I want to be a leader on the field and in the locker room,” Griese said. “I want to be the starter. I saw (Arizona quarterback) Kurt Warner at a charity event two weeks ago, and said, ‘Thanks from all the older guys for what you did for us.’ “

While Son of Bob tries to channel his youth, Joe would much rather see the Bucs trade him for the 2009 sixth round pick they gave up for him last year.

Surely, the Bucs are fielding offers every day.

3 Responses to “Griese: “I Want To Be The Starter””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    He has been…..
    emphasis on has been
    journeyman personified

  2. Danbucsfan Says:

    He “has been” under Gruden…

    Journeyman personified? You just described Jeff Garcia as well as a long list of other successfull quarterbacks in this league. Some of which who have lead their teams to Superbowl victories, including our own ’02 quarterback, Brad Johnson.

    Successfull quarterbacks who were at one time on the Buccaneer roster:

    Doug Williams…won a Superbowl

    Steve Young…won a Superbowl

    Trent Dilfer…won a Superbowl

    I just checked the website for all time records for passing, and son of Bob is number 7 in longest passing…

    Forgive my web skills if that did not translate out to an immediate link, but suffice it to say you can access that information on if you are curious enough.

    Gruden had a personality problem, he did not get along with his players.

    I cant help but think how this impacted the team as far as utilizing the talent they had available to them.

    Joey Galloway made it public that he was healthy and ready to return to service during that dismall last four games that kept us out of the playoffs.

    Our “offensive genius” could’nt figure out a way to utilize both Galloway and Bryant?

    We can only hope that this new coaching staff can make better use of the talent that we aquire and that we already have.

    Getting rid of Derrick Brooks? STUPID!!

    Just my humble opinion.


  3. MTM Says:

    “Son of Bob” I want to win the lottery. Neither of us are getting what we want. Go shine the pine for another team.