Geno Hayes Stabbed

March 9th, 2009

Second-year Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes was stabbed with a pair of scissors and a knife in the head and neck by his girlfriend Saturday night, so reports Josh Poltilove of the Tampa Tribune.

The girlfriend of Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes stabbed him in the head with a pair of scissors and in the neck with a knife, Hillsborough County deputies say.

Hayes was taken to a hospital by a friend, and he was treated and released, Hillsborough County sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said.

After a fight Saturday, Hayes’ whack job girlfriend took a scissors to him. Hayes then disarmed his girlfriend who then grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the neck.

After posting $25,000 bond, she was released.

Memo to NFL players with crazy girlfriends: make sure all sharp implements are locked up.

Interesting sidenote: Hayes’ girlfriend, per the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office website, is 5-3, 190. One would think an NFL player can pull something bettter than that?

5 Responses to “Geno Hayes Stabbed”

  1. MTM Says:

    Come Geno 5 3″ a buck ninety. Now I question his judgement. Hopefully his on the field game is better. Than his off the field game. The good news is. When he tackled his girlfriend. He wrapped her up. And did not let her go.
    Maybe he can stop the run.

    Stay classy Geno.

  2. Kris Says:

    I wonder if this wouldve happened to Derrick Brooks?

  3. MTM Says:


  4. JK Says:

    Stinkin Gruden!!!!!!!!

  5. NY Anonymous Says:

    If he threw her to the ground before he got stabbed how many of you wanna bet this would be getting far more press coverage? When will Oprah, Gail, Ellen, and Tyra be doing shows on this form of DV?

    Better yet, how many of you think she’s going to say he hit me first, or I was in fear? Or the members of my gender, who are askng “what did he do to make her do that?” Many have asked the same as it refers to Chris Brown and have been lambasted for suggesting that she did something to provoke an attack.

    As a woman, I am totally against dv (I am a survivor myself), I support equal pay, affordable child care, business ownership, etc. but I am not about to stand up and support the chickenheads and heifers amongst the herd. They have made it hard for the real victims to come forward.