Favre Opens Up About Bucs

March 6th, 2009
Brett Favre said he was ready to embrace Chuckys playbook and play for the Bucs last year.

Brett Favre said he was ready to embrace Chucky's playbook and play for the Bucs last year.

Read this interview excerpt of Brett Favre talking to the Orlando Sentinel over the weekend and just imagine Chucky after the phone call Favre describes in detail.

Oh, man. Chucky must have blown a gasket when the deal didn’t go down.

(This interview confirms one of Joe’s very first posts, when JoeBucsFan.com was in its infancy, that Favre indeed was talking to Chucky via telephone and thought he was headed to Tampa Bay. To the best of Joe’s knowledge, no MSM outlet in the Tampa Bay area ever reported this information.)

Props to Chris Harry of the Sentinel for scoring this priceless stuff.

CH: You’re here at Disney in February, but seven months ago I was here with the Bucs at Wide World of Sports for training camp and fans were holding up No. 4 signs that said, “We want Brett!” How close did that come to happening?

BF: Very close. I really thought, aside from the Packers, it was a perfect fit, based on the offense. The transition would have been right away; go right in and not have to worry about the terminology, play-calling, concepts and things like that. Gruden and I had worked together in Green Bay. We knew each other. In fact, we talked on the phone the night before and he kind of went through the 7-on-7 script. “Fox, 2X, brown hook.’ I said, ‘Green right, brown right, Duke.’ We just sort of went through the plays. He said, “What about Dino?” I said, “Double-wing right, 2-jet Dino, Y shallow cross.” So it was kind of like, “Yeah man, let’s do this.”

CH: I can only imagine how fired up Jon was.

BF: And in this process, the down side was I didn’t sign with them, and Jeff Garcia is kind of like, “Hey, what about me?” And I don’t think it had anything to do with Jeff. There are no guarantees one way or another. I knew from a studying standpoint and quick transition, that was the best option. Obviously. I knew nothing about the Jets offense. To me, that’s what the decision came down. I was thinking the next four months. I had basically committed to Tampa.

5 Responses to “Favre Opens Up About Bucs”

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    This goes with my theory. As much as the fans loved Garcia, (because he has heart). Garcia was brought here to be a solid back up. Plummer was supposed to be the starter, when that did not work out Gruden and Allen wanted Farve the following year. If anything this is what did Gruden in. Having to play backup quarterbacks all year long. It is a shame that we did not get to see Gruden’s true offense.

  2. MTM Says:

    No more if’s and buts. Lets move forward. Enough with Favre!! Let it die.

    Gruden did himself in. When he refused to put the best players on the field. Or traded them away. Tampa wins a super bowl and can’t compete. For it the next year. Thats coaching. The defense was still awsome. At that point.
    Because he had personal issues with players/ and an ego that would not let him move forward with “Dungy’s” cast.

  3. JK Says:

    Yeah MTM Gruden won’t be there next season to hold anyone back. Every bad seed has been purged so I’m sure we will at least make the playoffs next year aren’t you? We also should win a playoff game, right? Only time will tell.

  4. MTM Says:

    JK were you happy the last five years watching the Buc’s barely win games. Pick NFL leftovers, retreads. Only to get bounced out in the 1st round of the playoffs. If we even made them.
    If you couldn’t see there needed to be a change made. At the coaching position. Your not paying attention
    Everybody wants to crush Ownership. All the time about money. Granted there record is not perfect. But they managed to build a super bowl winning team. Which Gruden quickly dismantled.
    Do you think the “Hoodie” would have completely dismantled a Super Bowl winning team. The following year.
    But that just my opinion.

  5. JK Says:

    MTM,I hope your right. I don’t want to wait 3 or 4 years before we are in the running again. I purchase the nfl ticket each year so I can follow the Bucs. It’s a lot of money to pay to watch rebuilding. One thing Gruden and Dungy had in common. It seemed like we were in the mix MOST years up to the end of the season weather we made it or not. It just seems like a huge changeover. Just watching Morris talks scares me. He seems like a lost ball in tall weeds. I do hope I’m wrong because like I said, I’m a huge fan. I just hope all these new direction people are going up and not down. So many players, coaches and our GM are unproven.