Do Bucs Pick Sanchez Or Maualuga?

March 6th, 2009

Randy Cross and Alex Marvez of Sirius NFL Radio this morning discussed the possibility of the Bucs drafting USC linebacker Rey Maualuga.

This morning on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Opening Drive” with Randy Cross and Alex Marvez, the subject of the Bucs came up. Cross and Marvez discussed the near future of the Bucs and what plan the Bucs might have entering the draft.

Among the players Cross and Marvez discussed the Bucs drafting were USC linebacker Rey Maualuga and USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

In short, Cross — as he stated a couple of weeks ago — suggested the Bucs are pretty much finished spending cash for the free agency period, no matter how far they are under the salary cap.

Randy Cross: If you think the Glazers will spend anywhere near [the cap] you are out of your mind. I think they will be $25-30 million under the cap.

Alex Marvez: So they are going to build through the draft?

RC: Do you go corner or linebacker? Do you go [USC linebacker] Rey Maualuga if he is still there?

AM: With [defensive coordinator Jim] Bates, it doesn’t sound like they wil play Tampa Cover-2. I’m not sure about [Bucs cornerback Ronde] Barber. Just because he is on the roster now doesn’t mean he will be there in September. I think you have to think corner. But I want to throw this out there too: I can see a real possibility one of these top two quarterbacks falling out of the top 10. If you still have a Mark Sanchez or Matt Stafford available at 14 or 15 do the Bucs leap frog up and say Josh Johnson was part of a different regime? I don’t thin that’s out of the realm of possiblity.

RC: Do they even go Josh Freeman? They talk about defense so much. I don’t know, I think I would be kind of shocked. There should be some impact defensive players at No 19.

AM: It makes you wonder if there is a run [on a specific position] do the Bucs trade out and pick up a draft pick next year?

2 Responses to “Do Bucs Pick Sanchez Or Maualuga?”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    What are these guys drinking? Firstly Sanchez/Stafford won’t be around by pick #19

    Secondly why waste a #19 pick on one of these guys when the Bucs have more pressing needs at LB, DT & DE

    Thirdly – Josh Freeman is NOT going to be a Buc so STOP that madness will you?

    With regard to taking a Ray Maulaua I would like to see that but he won’t be around by Round 3 and the Bucs won’t use a first round pick on LB when this years draft is heavy in that arena.

  2. MTM Says:

    QB’s are probably going later in the 1st round than people think. teams are looking for money well spent. QB’s picks before probably the 6th pick are a burn. Pick 7 thru 11 will probably be were most of the QB’s are this year. If teams are smart. I would rather pay a higher amount for a defensive player that will start quickly. Than be saddled with a over paid QB. Who thinks that they deserve to start based are the draft status.
    Defense will get closer to were you want to be quicker than a QB waiting to develope/bust. Long live the retread QB’s.