Cutler Is A “Little Bitch”

March 16th, 2009
Almost-Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler isnt the most popular person in the Mile High City.

Almost-Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler isn't the most popular person in the Mile High City.

God forbid Joe ever links to anything about Dan Patrick but Joe’s doing that today.

And Joe sincerely apologizes to his loyal readers for stooping to such a level.

Let Joe be upfront: He thinks Patrick is an egomaniacal empty-head who uses too much mousse. Patrick is a  guy who wants people to pay attention to him but, unlike, say, Bob Costas or Al Michaels, brings nothing to the table to warrant any attention.

Patrick is a guy who was carried for years by Keith Olbermann and Rob Dibble and, best as Joe can tell, has men recite their measurements (followed by a bell ring) on the radio for the highlights of his lame radio show.

Men giving their measurements? Men! Can you imagine?

Boy, with talent and stiff competition like that, Joe can understand why Howard Stern and Chris Russo were chased to satellite radio.

With sincere apologies to Joe’s friends at WQYK-AM 1010, executives at CBS Radio should be embarrassed to have shoved Bobby Fenton off the air to make room for Patrick’s wasteland of a radio show.

At any rate, apparently Patrick had Denver TV analyst Scott Hastings on his show and it appears Hastings and almost-Bucs and current (for now) Denver quarterback Jay Cutler aren’t exactly drinking friends. In fact, Hastings unloaded on Cutler, per quotes listed on Patrick’s page on

Jay Cutler lost Hastings’ respect when he claimed his arm is stronger than John Elway’s. This was just a stupid thing to say because Elway is a legend in Denver so saying something like that just angers the fanbase. He calls Cutler an “arrogant little punk” and should wake up to the reality that he’s the QB of an NFL football team and should act like a leader. He also referred to Cutler as a “little bitch.”

The only qualm Joe has about Cutler is he acts so much like a big baby about things, and Joe had this opinion of Cutler long before his current problems with the Broncos.

Maybe Cutler needs some new meds for his diabetes to better control his blood sugar which affects his mood swings?

Now Joe needs to take a shower for linking anything to Dull Patrick. Joe might also need a new keyboard too. There’s mousse all over it.

5 Responses to “Cutler Is A “Little Bitch””

  1. MTM Says:

    I could do without the Dan Patrick bashing. Someone sounds a little bitter.
    Was this about Cutler or a soap box to bash D.P.
    Find better things to write about.

  2. Joe Says:


    You are correct on all three points.

    Joe is quite bitter that Bobby Fenton lost his show for such a no-talent like Dull Patrick who seems to pleasure himself while talking about the non-basketball association and golf. Dull Patrick is little more than a jocksniffer who wears too much mousse.

    This post is about Cutler.

    And it also gave Joe a chance to unload on that emptyhead Dull Patrick. This guy actually makes those old hag, unemployed has-been chicken wing waitresses listenable.


  3. Rick Says:

    Please don’t find better things to write about. This was too funny. Just write about whatever’s on your mind jOe

  4. Bill Says:

    1010 is not listenable(?) since Bobby Fenton left the air. Patrick is a tool, Sports Chicks are idiots and I have never been a fan of J.P. Peterson.

  5. Tom Says:

    I think it’s funny that a guy who writes his whole blog in the third person is calling someone else an egomaniac.

    Tom thinks Joe is a tool.