Clayton Resigns With Bucs

March 1st, 2009

Joe has learned that his good friend “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, is reporting Bucs wide receiver Michael Clayton has resigned with the Bucs.

(“The Big Dog” has a trusted source on this, trust Joe.)

PewterReport is reporting this, as well. Joe thought he’d throw a bone to PewterReport since Joe has learned through his friends in the fouth estate that the braintrust are avid readers of Joe.

Clayton, 26, will sign a new five-year contract with the Bucs, as first reported by WDAE 620’s Steve Duemig.

A 2004 first-round draft pick, Clayton received significant interest from other teams on the open market, including Detroit and Seattle. According to the Duemig, Clayton turned down more money with Seattle to re-sign with Tampa Bay.

Joe loves how Clayton blocks; hates how he drops passes. Let’s all hope that whatever demon keeps him from dropping passes has been exorcised.

Now, Joe resumes his treasured late-Saturday, early-Sunday drinking.

(FYI, generally when a player is off the Bucs roster, the squirrels at remove any and all photos of said player. For example, mere seconds after Black Wednesday’s news broke, none of the five players’ photos could be found on Clayton’s photos cannot be found on as of 12:41 a.m. Sunday. Strange.)

9 Responses to “Clayton Resigns With Bucs”

  1. Kris Says:

    another brilliant move by the new “brain” trust..i cant wait to get blasted by the sheep that already worship the dream and dumnick

  2. Sargeant Mike Says:

    I 2nd that.

  3. MTM Says:

    So lets see. We get rid of productive players and resign unproductive players to long term contracts. With the latest contract moves. The fans are relying heavily on hope. Hopefully “Winsblows” will have a different attitude. Hopefully Clayton can catch like he did in his rookie season. Hopefully Luke can step up and play decent.

    Hopefully our dismantled defense can play well enough. To not be embarrassed on a weekly basis.
    This being done with no new additions as of yet. I know. I know we will build in the draft. Apparently the Bucs are going build the rest of the team through the draft. You know. With all thoses picks we have.
    I HOPE all this works out. But it would be nice if we had a few players on this team. That were sure things.

  4. JK Says:

    Clayton won’t have Gruden to hold him back now. Let’s see how the cry baby does now. I think the kids cut the Gruden supporters on the team.

  5. JK Says:

    Joe your wrong on Bucs. com removing cut players. I watched the conference on delay the next day. They still had Brooks, Garcia, and Galloway on their tickts promoting season tickets. They still had them on there that night.

  6. Joe Says:


    Some inside baseball here: Many of the photos Joe uses are from When the news on Brooks broke, Joe went to to use one of dozens of Brooks photos. They were gone; Brooks’ name was not even on the list of players.

  7. Kris Says:

    hopefully the bucs can win 1-2 games next year…i wouldve been rooting for a winless season,0-16 to bookend the 0-14 but since detroit just did,its lost all its luster..this is like a nightmare that wont end…Pun intended

  8. JK Says:

    Joe, on my screen I looked at them and could not believe they still were promoting them as they were cutting them. Not only that, Dunn was at the top of the page right above the Dream. I don’t know if your connected with or not. I know what I saw. It was disrespectful to those players. They stated black Wed. that the conference would be live. However they must not have the know how to do it because it never came on. I watched it the middle of the afternoon on Thurs. and there it was. I also believe the cuts were planned toward the end of the year. Therefore there was no reason to leave them on their official site to promote their product.

  9. JK Says:

    Joe, I take it by your lack of response that you finally believe me .That’s good, because I’m a man of character.