Josh Freeman Ripped On NFL Radio

March 29th, 2009

Joe was mildly interested in the news that the Bucs are going to give a private workout to Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman. It seems Freeman himself, speaking on “Moving the Chains” on Sirius NFL Radio on Friday, let the cat out of the bag saying he was going to work out for the Bucs.

Joe isn’t as sold on Freeman as some. And earlier Friday on NFL Radio with Adam Schein and Jim Miller on “The Blitz,” Freeman was essentially taken apart not only by the show’s co-hosts, but by guest Tim Hasselbeck of BSPN.

In short, Hasselbeck and Miller, both former NFL quarterbacks, don’t drink the Kool-Aid that Freeman is a first round pick.

Miller, who serves as the color man for Michigan State football broadcasts (and, FWIW, is on record as having major reservations about Chris “Beanie” Wells) began the Freeman conversation as saying, “I don’t get it.” Miller went on to say how, in the films he has studied about Freeman, that the QB makes terrible decisions.

Hasselbeck, who has a way cute yet annoying wife, seconded Miller.

“The focus on arm strength has ruined more quarterback evaluations than anything else in the history of football. I remember people used to get all worked up about Kyle Boller’s arm. ‘Hey, he can throw the ball through the goal posts from the 50-yard line.’ So what?!”

Miller then said Freeman’s decision-making is “terrible.” Miller noted that Freeman couldn’t put up good numbers against a conference which had, collectively, an atrocious defense. Miller added if Freeman couldn’t make proper reads against defenses in the Big XII, he will get chewed up in the NFL.

While Joe isn’t a scout, he certainly knows a rotten defense when he sees it and Freeman wasn’t even in the top four quarterbacks in the Big XII, then why in the name of John McKay would the Bucs even consider drafting this guy with the first round pick?

In short, if a quarterback can’t make smart decisions against garbage defenses in the Big XII, then what makes anyone think he will correct his errors in the NFL?

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