Bucs Fighting With Jets For Cutler

March 31st, 2009

Despite the spin Raheem The Dream is concocting out of One Buc Palace, many NFL insiders seem to be of the mind that the Bucs will try to upgrade their quarterback position whether it’s a trade or via the draft.

Count Justin Hathaway among the believers.

NFL.com recently hosted a chat between a variety of NFL analysts and Hathaway suggests the Bucs will be one of two teams agitated Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler ends up with come the day of the draft.

He’ll be traded, probably on draft day as the Broncos collect the best offers. The top contenders, to me, are the Buccaneers and Jets. The Lions won’t give up their No. 1 pick for him.

The spin is so thick coming from The Dream Joe wonders if even The Dream understands what is truth and what is fiction. Joe considers The Dream talking up Luke McCown and Josh Johnson to be little more than damage control after the Bucs failed to acquire Cutler in a three-way deal back in February.

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