Bucs Arithmetic

March 16th, 2009
How does Jay Cutler factor in with this latest version of Bucs Arithmetic?

How does Jay Cutler factor in with this latest version of "Bucs Arithmetic?"

Good morning, Bucs fans, it’s time for one of Joe’s favorite games: “Bucs Arithmetic.” You too can play along this morning in today’s segment.

Joe has documented how almost-Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler is doing everything short of taking a dump Josh McDaniels’ computer to get out of Denver. Even before McDaniels arrived in Denver Cutler was irritated, per SI.com’s Peter King, over Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s coaching moves in the offseason.

McDaniels, per King, was giddy about working with Cutler but something happened at the NFL combine to change his mind.

OK, Bucs fans, get out your pencils and calculators, here comes… Bucs Arithmetic!

McDaniels said he was not considering trading Cutler until he was contacted “by two teams” at the Scouting Combine. They were pie-in-the-sky inquiries, though, and he didn’t consider anything seriously, he said, until the day before the Feb. 27 beginning of free-agency, when he got a serious proposal for Cutler.

Tell Joe, based on your math skills, who might one of those two teams been?

As always, thanks for playing “Bucs Arithmetic.”

One Response to “Bucs Arithmetic”

  1. Kris Says:

    so the smart move is to give up multiple picks for QB who can throw for 4000 yds a Season and bring him to do what exactly?? hand off 35 times a game to Ward and Graham? who would he throw to? If u say Win-SLOW or Jeremy”The Turd” Stevens,,or Michael”the guy from the movie named after me can catch better then me” Clayton,,,then you are a total moron. This team needs more then Cutler,bringing him here is a waste of picks and a waste of his talent.Brandon Marshall,Tony Scheffler,and Eddie Royal arent walking through 1 Buc Place.This would be a totally insane and crazy move… Thats why i fully expect it to happen.The 2 fools in charge are chomping at the bit to give up a Hershel Walker type package for Cutler.. Just remember,what did the Vikings do when they got Walker? What did the Cowboys do with all those picks? Thats what we are looking forward too if the douchebags in charge make a deal for this guy…I should in the interest of fairness also state I have Cutler as one of my QB on a fantasy team,so him coming here would severly hurt my team.Nonethless,my opinion would stillbe the same