Broncos Owner Confesses Cutler May Be Gone

March 16th, 2009
Almost Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler is doing his best to get himself run out of Denver.

Almost-Bucs QB Jay Cutler is doing his best to get himself run out of Denver.

By the time Bucs fans (and Joe) wake up later this morning, could the Pewter Pirates have a new quarterback?

The Jay Cutler saga continues to brew. Apparently, Cutler’s disgust with the Broncos is so deep, not only will he not attend a team meeting later today, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen admitted Cutler may not be with the Broncos for very long, as Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes.

They have tried separating. They have twice tried meeting.

Nothing has worked. What’s next for new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and his disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler? There now appears a real possibility the two sides are headed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

“I’m very disappointed,” Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said Sunday. “I’m disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback.”

In short, Bowlen noted he supports new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and he is frustrated at the way Cutler has acted since he was nearly traded to the Bucs.

Will Cutler be the Bucs quarterback by the time others wake up, or maybe by midnight Monday?

If the Bucs were interested enough in pulling the trigger on a potential deal (that New England quashed) in getting Cutler, what makes anyone think the Bucs won’t try again, especially since Cutler is doing everything short of urinating on Bowlen’s leg to get out?

One Response to “Broncos Owner Confesses Cutler May Be Gone”

  1. MTM Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs have enough to offer Denver for Cutler. Also if Cutler doesn’t want to be in Tampa. Why would the Bucs go after him? Buc fans assume Cutler wants to be in Tampa. There are a lot of teams that need a QB. That have a lot more to offer Denver. If this deal happens it would surprise me.