Woodson, Mora Rip Bucs Hierarchy

February 25th, 2009

Speaking on NFL Network’s Total Access Wednesday evening, Hall of Famer Rod Woodson and former NFL coach Jim Mora roasted the Bucs front office for not only cutting Derrick Brooks, but also for the rest of the players cut during Black Wednesday.

Of course, most of the attention and talk was on Brooks. But Woodson in particular was upset with letting Cato June go. The two scoffed at the Bucs suggestion that the Bucs will use a new defense and Brooks wouldn’t fit into “the plan.”

Mora waved his hand in disgust at the thought, saying Brooks could play in any defense. Woodson called the inference of Brooks not fitting in the new plan “a crock!”

In the video, the NFL Network crowd also had an interview with Joey Galloway who said he spoke with Brooks and that the all-time great Bucs linebacker was “upbeat.” Galloway also said he was not surprised he was cut but he was very much surprised at Brooks getting the pink slip.

Buccaneers.com also has the video of Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream’s press conference today.

One Response to “Woodson, Mora Rip Bucs Hierarchy”

  1. Kris Says:

    Is the last 8 weeks just a bad “dream”.. Can we have Gruden and Allen back? Please? How does Derrick freakin Brooks not fit into a scheme? Really? Words can’t describe my outrage at this. I have alot more anger but I’m doing my best to censor myself at this point.In a couple years when this nightmare ends,maybe we can hire Parcells as Team Pres to turn us around like he did with the dolphins in 1 year. God forbid we get a high draft pick next year and consider Tebow..i think i just made myself sick