Vacation Man Is Outraged

February 26th, 2009

It warms Joe’s heart to see a sports reporter bang away on the keyboards straight from his heart. And Vacation Man, aka Pat Yasinskas of did just that.

Writing about linebacker Derrick Brooks being cut, Vacation Man wastes little time in raking the Bucs front office over the coals.{+++}

You don’t simply cut the best player in franchise history, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, the greatest diplomat ever in the state of Florida. Do you?

The Bucs did.

“We want to let our players know that they’re important to us, but this is a decision we had to make and a direction we had to go,” general manager Mark Dominik said.

No, here’s the direction you go with Brooks: You give him whatever he wants — a spiffy retirement party, lifetime contract to be a coach, broadcaster or the executive vice president in charge of sitting on the beach. Or you convince him to take some minor/reduced role as a player to help ease the transition to a new regime.

You don’t just show the guy the door, and it’s certainly looking like the Bucs, who once terribly botched the end of icon John Lynch’s time with the team, threw Brooks out on the street.

Standing-O. Standing-O. Bravo Vacation Man, bravo. For a guy who skips to London in the middle of an NFL season with his family and fails to obtain game tape of the teams he’s supposed to cover, this is outstanding stuff!

Joe hopes to read more missives like this from Vacation Man.

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