THE PESSIMIST: Time To Trade Whiney Bryant

February 20th, 2009

THE PESSIMIST says Antonio Bryant's me-first attitude should have the Bucs thinking trade

Antonio Bryant is already unhappy and his new Lotto ticket hasn’t even cleared the bank.

What a piece of work.

The Bucs gave Bryant a chance to return to the NFL last year. He delivered. Then on Wednesday they gave him a nearly $10 million windfall in the form of the franchise tag for 2009. Now Bryant wants financial “security” in the form of a long term deal, he told the Tampa Tribune. And his agent gave the St. Pete Times an earful about Bryant’s disappointment.

The dude needs to shut his mouth.

Bryant should be grateful he landed on a team so devoid of receiving talent it had to franchise an unstable personality who hasn’t made a Pro Bowl. Joe has already guided you to read between the lines of Doug Williams’ comments, which reveal Bryant is a head case in need of a good shrink, even in good times.

The Bucs don’t really need Bryant. They just need talent under 37 years old at wide receiver.

Face it, Bryant doesn’t get the franchise tag if Michael Clayton could catch the damn ball and if Chucky had stopped punishing Joey Galloway last year long enough to get the old guy 50+ catches.

The Bucs tagged Bryant out of desperation. That’s no way to operate.

Would anybody bet Bryant is all smiles for Jeff Jagodzinski or the Bucs new starting quarterback? Is he really a lock to get along with two new coaches in a row under the pressure of another contract year? THE PESSIMIST surely wouldn’t lay money on either.

Bryant was flapping his arms and whining on the field last year when he didn’t get the ball. And that was all happening with a coach who loved him dearly in the middle of what likely was a career year. 

Anquan Boldin can be had. The Cardinals can’t realistically afford him and Larry Fitzgerald and free agent Kurt Warner. Boldin’s done it longer and better than Bryant, and he’s a Florida guy who wants out. His agent is even on the record saying he wants to play in Florida.

The Bucs should find a way to acquire Boldin, trade Bryant and pick up a free agent receiver whose name doesn’t end with Clayton.

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