“The Bucs Know I Want To Stay.”

February 16th, 2009
Speaking on Sirius NFL Radio Saturday, Bucs free agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant said he wanted to stay in Tampa Bay.

Speaking on Sirius NFL Radio Saturday, Bucs free agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant said he wanted to stay in Tampa.

It seems The Dream hopes Bucs free agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant continues to wear pewter and red. And it seems Bryant also wants to stay.

So what’s the hangup?

E-squared of the Tampa Tribune caught up with The Dream after he tried to motivate the Bolts (unsuccessfully) at the Ice Palace Saturday. The Dream told E-squared:

“We just want Antonio to be in a Tampa Bay Buccaneer uniform,’’ Morris said. “Anytime you can have that kind of production, be that good of a teammate, do the things he did last year, that’s pretty special. We’re just crossing our fingers right now hoping he’s a Buc. [General Manager] Mark Dominik has been doing a great job to ensure that, so we’ll in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully he’ll be in a Bucs uniform wearing No. 89 running down the field scoring touchdowns.’’

Speaking on Sirius NFL Radio Saturday, Bryant had a variety of subjects to talk about including signing with the Bucs.

In short, it doesn’t seem like Bryant thinks much of Michael Clayton, likes the fact the Bucs kept assistant coach Richard Mann and front office executive Doug Williams and likes Luke McCown and Jeff Garcia, and likes Tampa Bay.

On Chucky being fired:

“Coach Gruden took the fall for the players, for the team. If anyone complains about Gruden, then they are not team players.”

On McCown:

“People forget I caught Luke’s first two touchdown passes in Cleveland. He’s smart and he’s always prepared.”

On Garcia:

“Jeff Garcia may not be the prototypical quarterback but he also has more heart than most. He’s the first guy I would pick if I had to go into a war with. You have to be excited to play with a guy who lays it all on the line like he does.”

And when asked if he would prefer to play for the Bucs next season, Bryant responded:

“The Bucs know I want to stay.”

5 Responses to ““The Bucs Know I Want To Stay.””

  1. JK Says:

    All you Claton lovers, there you have it. From one of the up and coming stars in the NFL, ” Gruden took the fall for the players and the team.” Now let’s get ready to run McCown out of town next season on his first interception.

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    Let’s get AB’s deal done and hope he doesn’t turn backinto a dirtbag. We then need to shore it up by making a serious play at Houshmendzah from Cincy. I’m sure he would Love to go to a team that wants to win and is just a handful of key players away from being even more competative than last year. Housh would also keep AB on his toes.

  3. Dave Says:

    You never cease to amaze me. For someone to compare a guy’s character, who was run out of the NFL to Clayton’s is laughable.
    Bryant’s been run off of 3 NFL teams. There is a reason we got him for the minimum last year. Bryant’s a supreme talent but character is another issue.

  4. Joe Says:


    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out from what Bryant said he’s not so fond of Clayton, Joe isn’t adding two-and-two and coming out with five.

    Bryant was directly asked what he thought of his teammates’ negative comments about Chucky after he was fired. Bryant directly answered with the quote Joe has in the post above.

    Who was the most vocal of all players dancing on Chucky’s grave?

    Joe didn’t put words in Bryant’s mouth.

  5. Dave Says:

    So Bryant has become an authority on good character. Had Bryant been around here for as long as Clayton he might have the knowlegde to speak on the situation. In his entire time here, Clayton NEVER disrespected Gruden to anywhere near the extent to which Bryant dissed Parcells in Dallas. For Bryant to somehow now be an authority on good character is
    a bit shallow, IMO.