Knowshon? You Know It!

February 16th, 2009
Wes Bunting of the points to the Bucs taking Knowshon Moreno in the first round in his updated mock draft.

Wes Bunting of the points to the Bucs taking Knowshon Moreno in the first round in his updated mock draft

Wes Bunting of the has updated his first round mock draft. This week he has the Bucs choosing Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno.

The Bucs’ running back position has seen a fair share of injuries the past two seasons, so it’s imperative they bring in a franchise type of back. Moreno is a naturally gifted runner with ideal instincts and suddenness at the line of scrimmage. He should go a long way toward giving the Bucs a new identity on offense under new coach Raheem Morris.

Though Joe has documented on several occasions he hopes the Bucs draft a defensive lineman, specifically a tackle, in the first round. Joe wouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep if the Bucs drafted Moreno.

Joe would prefer the Bucs stay away from a running back in the first round every year. Running backs are just too expensive and have too short of a shelf life. Solid RBs can be found off the scrap heap. Look at Earnest Graham: he was a free agent. Look at Willie Parker of the Steelers. He has been a starting tailback on two Super Bowl-winning teams and he couldn’t start for his college team (North Carolina).

But if the Bucs must draft a running back in the first round, you will find few better than Moreno.

6 Responses to “Knowshon? You Know It!”

  1. Madder Than Max Says:

    Please no more small running backs. 200lb back don’t hold up. And Dunn is freak of nature. No Moreno.
    We need a 225 to 240 back. That speed B.S. only works in college. See UF.
    Smaller RB’s are too crispy for the NFL.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Taking Knowshon Moreno with their 1st round pick is actually a good choice. While I know it’s popular to go after an upgrade on the D-Line I think that addressing the RB position would justify drafting Knowshon – especially over Beanie Wells.

    However looking at that mock draft I would be very tempted to pass on Knowshon and instead draft Percy Harvin instead, especially if the Bucs re-sign Antonio and let Clayton leave. Percy gives that Bucs that “big play” ability that they have been lacking so the past decade.

    I personally don’t believe that Knowshon will be on the board by the time the Bucs get their pick. I don’t think that Beanie will be their either.

  3. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Harvin is a little too brittle for Joe’s tastes.

  4. Madder Than Max Says:

    Harvin is a great play maker. And I am a devout Gator fan. But as a Buc’s fan. Harvin has been prone to injury. If he is available at the right time. Harvin would be a great returner/ special plays type back. That way he would have a better chance of staying healthy. Maybe.

    Plus the Buc’s have never had a returner that scared anybody. Great field position would help a young quarterback. Such as McCown.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    2008 Leading rushers:

    1. Adrian Peterson – 6-1; 217 22 yo
    2. Michael Turner: 5-10; 244 25 yo
    3. DeAngelo Williams 5-9; 217 25 yo
    4. Clinton Portis 5-11; 223 26 yo
    5. Thomas Jones 5-10; 215 29 yo
    6. Steve Slaton 5-9; 201 22 yo
    7. Matt Forte 6-2; 216 23 yo
    8. Chris Johnson 5-11; 200 23 yo
    9. Ryan Grant 6-1; 226 26 yo
    10. LaDainian Tomlinson 5-10; 221 29 yo
    27. Warrick Dunn 5-9; 180; 33 yo

    Now let’s look at Knowshon Moreno he’s 5-11; 207 and as a sophomore he’s probably 21 yo.

    Looking at the top 10 rushers in 2008 you don’t think that Knowshon has that potential? Coming out of college in his 1st year Knowshon should bulk up to 210-215 range and at 5-11 he’s NOT a small running back. The only back that YOU’VE described in Michael Turner.

    The days of Michael Alstott aren’t coming back to the Bucs. Alstott was never an every play featured back in fact the best years Alstott had were in 98 & 99 when he was teamed with Dunn.

    Look Warrick is 33 yo and he isn’t a 1000 yard back anymore. Ernest Graham has potential but I’m not 100% convinced. I would LOVE to see Knowshon on the Bucs as their #19 pick – Knowshon is worthy of it.

  6. Madder Than Max Says:

    Way to break out the stats. I am not trying to revisit the Alstott years. Alstott is much bigger.Than the backs on your stats. He was more of a Brandon Jacobs size. My point is a big back wears down teams in the 4th quarter. Thats all.