Jeff Garcia Moving To California

February 6th, 2009
Carmella and Jeff Garcia are wasting no team leaving their cozy South Tampa home

Carmella and Jeff Garcia are wasting no team leaving their cozy South Tampa home

All season long Joe brought you the colorful, insightful writings of Bob Garcia, Jeff Garcia’s dad. The ex-football coach wrote a blog for the Gilroy Dispatch, his hometown newspaper in California.

In the final edition this week the elder Garcia was asked about Jeff. He revealed that Jeff and his glorious pregnant wife Carmella are moving to Southern California.

Josh Koehn: So, I guess Jeff is still winding down from the season?
Bob Garcia: Yeah, he had a number of appearances at the Super Bowl he was quite happy with. And now they’re just coming back and re-establishing their home in Manhattan Beach. But I think they’re trying to move toward San Diego.
K: Oh, really?
G: Yeah, Manhattan Beach is a great little community, three or four blocks from the ocean, a healthy atmosphere, a lot of outdoor cafes and restaurants, and so on. Everybody is riding a bike, You go down to the beach, they’re walking and running, and volleyball all over the place, people surfing. And the thing about it, you think LA, but it’s not a lot like LA. There’s not the traffic. You get onto those little off streets and it’s a lot like Gilroy. Everything is close by. But the homes are so close together there’s no space. … There’s no room for kids. For kids to play, they’re saying, ‘We need some room.’ And they have a couple dogs.

Joe brings you this bit of gossip for two reasons: First, Joe takes every opportunity to publish a picture of Carmella Garcia. Second, it seems to reveal that Jeff Garcia has little intention of returning to the Bucs if he’s house-hunting 3,000 miles away. Of course, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t change his plans.

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