Excuse Of Dunn’s Departure Makes No Sense

February 26th, 2009
Warrick Dunns forced exit from the Bucs makes as little sense as Derrick Brooks departure.

Warrick Dunn's forced exit from the Bucs makes as little sense as Derrick Brooks' departure.

One of the things that has Joe still shaking his head from Black Wednesday is what happened to Warrick Dunn. By most accounts, the Bucs are shorthanded at the running back position. Earnest Graham was dinged last year. Cadillac Williams is far from a certain return.

So why make the backfield even weaker and thinner? It’s not like Dunn wasn’t productive. As a part-time back, he got over 1,000 yards offense including 300-plus yards receiving, averaging seven yards a carry. How many part-time backs that diverse are walking the streets looking for work?

Again, like Derrick Brooks getting the pink slip, Dunn is a local if not statewide icon whose releast had nothing to do with salary cap concerns.

Some suggest the Bucs wanted to work Clifton Smith in the mix, which is OK. Anyone want to take a guess why Smith didn’t get too many chances under Chucky? Here’s a valid reason.

Half — literally, half — the attempts Smith had at running back he fumbled. Joe constantly rags on Son of Bob for his turnovers and will continue to do so so long as that stiff with a famous dad is wearing a Bucs jersey (unless he’s sitting in the stands and bought a ticket like Joe).

So a guy fumbling the ball half the time he touches it, well, Joe totally understands why Smith didn’t get many chances. So it’s even harder for Joe to swallow the fact a good man who is still a good player got cut so a guy who fumbles half the time can get more carries.

So this is The Dream’s “plan?”

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