Dream Will Get Tough On Galloway, Veterans

February 21st, 2009

Veterans like Joey Galloway will have to drastically alter their physical preparation under The Dream regime

So it seems Raheem the Dream’s “Staying the Course” philosophy will not include Jon Gruden’s preservation approach to practice.

Chucky was known leaguewide for giving select veterans Wednesdays off and more between games and for practicing without pads often.

In the Dream’s regime, time off and glorified walkthroughs make a team soft and hurt chemistry, he tells the St. Pete Times.

Morris also indicated he won’t tolerate some players taking scheduled days off during the week while the rest of the team receives no such benefit.

“Everything has got to change as far as that,” Morris said. “It’s my job to relate to those guys what I expect out of them, what I need them to give me and then hold them accountable doing it. Once I get a chance to do that, it will be fine.

“You’re looking for 53 guys who are going to buy in and then go to war with those guys. If it’s only 40 at the time, then you play with those 40 until you can develop the other guys and you tolerate the rest until you can replace them.”

Interesting that Dream says he will tolerate those who don’t buy in and then replace them. That comment, in Joe’s eyes, shows a lot of maturity on his part.

Joe wonders whether Dream will have a big doghouse, or just work with said players, communicate with them effectively and get the most out of them until he sends them packing.

Life will change greatly for the Bucs veterans. Guys like Joe Galloway and Warrick Dunn had gotten very comfortable with Chucky’s tender loving care when it came to their bodies.

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