Draft Rewind: 1999

February 12th, 2009

The Bucs class of '99 had its moments but still scores a grade of D

Booger McFarland, Martin Gramatica, the good Dexter Jackson and Shaun King were all scored by the Bucs in the 1999 draft.

These guys made significant contributions, right?

Well, Justin Pawlowski, host of The Blitz on 620 WDAE-AM, The Sports Animal, gives the Bucs a grade of D for the ’99 draft in his weekly Draft Rewind series. Joe thinks that’s a little harsh (C- perhaps)  but Pawlowski makes sound arguments based on a formula.

Check out Pawlowski’s Draft Rewind

And remember he’ll be providing super-deep analysis of the 2009 draft exclusively on JoeBucsFan.com beginning Feb. 28.

4 Responses to “Draft Rewind: 1999”

  1. Art Rawspine Says:

    After breaking it down, I have to agree. Booger was never what he was expected to be either due to injury or lack of er, talent. I believe John Madden would disagree with you about Shaun King, and I must reference the “You gotta love Shaun King, all he does is win,” quote from Madden 2000.

  2. JK Says:

    That stinking Jon Gruden!!! Why did we stick with him so long? Oh, that’s right, that was Dungy and Mckays draft wasn’t it!

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I think your breakdown of the Class of 1999 is a little hard on Dexter Jackson. I would have given Booger a little more slack than you did. Remember Booger replaced Brad Culpepper. Booger & Warren provided a good front -it was Booger’s injuries that hurt him – when we released Warren Booger switched to his spot and that hurt his production. Considering that Anthony McFarlin was a 1st round pick I would have liked to see a little more “long term” so I would have given him a C+

    I agree with you totally on Shaun King – especially considering that Shaun was a Round 2 pick. Had he been a round 4 or later pick I would have moved him up to a C but his career was way too short.

    This is my biggest disagreement with your rating – Martin Gramatica. I would have given this a B- or a C+. Sure he was only here for 4 seasons but he was very consistent and his leg won a lot of games for the Bucs on their way to the playoffs and eventual Super Bowl. In addition this fan loved the Automatica celebrations.

    Dexter Jackson – this is what I would expect for a 4th round pick. He outplayed the expectations and did a good job for the Bucs. I’d rate him a B-. I think Dexter didn’t like living in the shadow of John Lynch who was a definate A+ draft choice)

    What’s sad is the remainder of picks that the Bucs had and their lack of production. So when can we expect to see the Class of 2000-2003?

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Justin, Your rating system is much more in depth than many others I’ve seen, especially considering that you have a category – “Impact on the Tampa Bay Area.” This is an intangible that most sports writers don’t understand let alone recognize – for example Dunn’s Thanksgiving tradition of house deposits for single mom’s and Brook’s involvement with kids and field trips.

    My question is this – how do your numbers relate to letter grades?

    You rated Booger with an overall 5.25 and gave him a C.

    You rated Dexter Jackson with an overall 7.0 and that’s only a C+?

    What gives?