Dominik Rumored To Agree With Joe

February 17th, 2009 suggests Son of Bob will be looking for a new job shortly. Washing dishes at Don Shulas perhaps? suggests Son of Bob will be looking for a new job shortly. Washing dishes at Don Shula's perhaps?

The following words are virtual music to Joe’s ears: Son of Bob’s days in Tampa Bay may be numbered.

A glorified interception machine who has been living off of his old man’s name for far too long, Son of Bob may not be with the Bucs this fall suggests’s Dan Parr.

In a recent segment titled “The Way We Hear It,” Parr, in detailing how the Bucs are looking to add another QB via free agency, noted that new Bucs general manager Mark Dominik is no fan of Son of Bob.

Dominik can look past Son of Bob’s famous last name to see a quarterback who has been stealing money from NFL owners and padding defensive backs’ salaries for years. Dominik also sees a QB who couldn’t beat out future Hall of Fame signal-callers like Jay Fieldler, Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton, yet Son of Bob pulled in $4 million last season.

As Joe pointed out recently, Dominik too sees Son of Bob’s salary to be grossly over the market value for such a stiff, which on the street, Son of Bob might be worth a couple of nickels.

Sources in Tampa say the team will bring in another quarterback, either through the draft or more likely in free agency, to challenge McCown in training camp. Signing McCown signaled the end of Garcia’s run with the Bucs, leaving Brian Griese and Josh Johnson, who is viewed as a long-term project, as Tampa Bay’s other quarterbacks under contract for ’09. Griese, though, was a favorite of former head coach Jon Gruden and is not held in the same high esteem with the new regime. GM Mark Dominik is expected to have his eye on another free-agent veteran — Byron Leftwich has been mentioned as a possibility — and Griese would be slotted as the third quarterback, if he isn’t released, when another signalcaller is locked up.

Joe screamed bloody murder when Chucky signed Son of Bob — both times. And Joe still can’t figure out what photos his agent had on Bruce Almighty to land a $4 million a year contract.

In Joe’s eyes, Son of Bob cannot be run out of the CITS quick enough.

Joe understands there are openings in the UFL.

One Response to “Dominik Rumored To Agree With Joe”

  1. Madder Than Max Says:

    Griese cannot stay with the Bucs. If you are telling Garcia to go. Griese should have been let go 1st.
    Garcia is a better quarterback than Griese. griese should have been at the end of the season.
    There are plenty of back up quarterbacks that the Bucs can choose from.
    Yes most kinda suck. But if they were all great. They wouldn’t be back ups.
    If Griese is let go. the Bucs will most likely draft a quarterback.
    But the Bucs will probably wait till after the draft. That way they hold the their cards close to vest. To better themselves in the draft. Then they will pull the plug on Griese.