Dirtbags Usually Like Dirtbags

February 6th, 2009

Joe stumbled across something this morning that explained a lot about Chucky.

During Chucky’s final two years with the Bucs, he had an infatuation with Grizzly Adams, otherwise known as Jake Plummer who is hiding out in Idaho not unlike the Unibomber. Plummer claims he’s in virtual solitary confinment in the Idaho mountains due to the fact he is sick of football and enjoys waking up each morning able to walk pain free. Fine.

But Joe suspects Plummer is NFL exile because he is awash in shame. Consider this little tidbit widely published in 2004:

A rumor making the rounds on Arizona State fan message boards has Plummer getting cold feet and calling off his wedding in Hawaii only 90 minutes before the ceremony over the weekend.

Plummer´s agent confirmed the cancelation of his wedding to Sonya Flores and issued a statement from the Broncos quarterback.

Jake "a true snake" Plummer, who was a source of Chucky's lust, blew off his fiancee at the alter but later rebounded to marry Tampa native and former Broncos cheerleader Kollette Klassen.

“It is true that my wedding did not take place this weekend. While I understand that people have questions, it is my hope that they would respect our privacy as we deal with and sort through this very personal situation. Thank you.”

An NFL source in the know also had confirmed that, in fact, the wedding did not go off as planned and did not provide details or reasons for the sudden change of heart.

What a dirtbag! And it only stands to reason that a dirtbag (Chucky) would be so enamoured with another (Plummer).

Of course, things sort of worked out for Plummer after he blew off his fiancee in ’04. Plummer later married a Broncos cheerleader who is a Tampa native, Kollette Klassen.

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