Chucky Found A Job

February 18th, 2009
Chuckys new job will force him to don a suit and provide analysis of the NFL combine for the NFL Network.

Chucky's new job will force him to don a suit and provide analysis of the NFL combine for the NFL Network.

Seems as though Chucky was gettting scared that the stench of arena ball was starting to rub off on him at his new office (or was it the Bolts’ miserable offense?) so he got out and found a job.

Chucky will be the NFL Network’s new analyst, at least part-time. He’ll be working the glorified high school track meet in Indianapolis otherwise known as the NFL combine, so reports Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times.

Gruden will join the network’s Total Access show each night at 7 p.m. from Thursday through Monday, and also offer analysis specifically about quarterbacks and wide receivers throughout the weekend.

“We just think he’s going to have an interesting perspective because he is so passionate about the combine, the draft and building a football team,” NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger said. “He doesn’t seem like a guy who is going to hold back and he will be able to fully evaluate the process.”

Joe absolutely loves the NFL Network and rarely a day goes by that he doesn’t watch the network. But the combine is one of those made-for-TV events that Joe is totally bored with. If the NFL Network has a decent interview (likely) during the combine, OK. Otherwise, isn’t TNT still running a 24/7 loop of Law and Order? There’s always the Food Network too.

(BTW, isn’t over-the-air network programming rotten to the core? DirecTV could remove those channels and Joe would barely notice until March Madness begins. Besides, Joe can watch commercial-free episodes of 24 online).

Per Jones, the NFL Network is hoping to pair Chucky with current NFL Network analyst and former Bucs great Warren Sapp. Joe would pay to hear Chucky’s answer when Sapp asks him why it’s taken lo’ these many years to return a phone call.

Joe hopes the NFL Network honchos don’t ask Chucky to weigh in on quarterback prospects.

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