Carlson: Super Bowl Through Bucs Eyes

February 5th, 2009


Jeff Carlson is a former Bucs quarterback. He trains QB’s of all ages with America’s Best Quarterback. You can catch Carlson weekly as co-host of The Game on 1040 AM, Sundays at 11 a.m.

Former Bucs QB Jeff Carlson says the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl illustrated how much the Bucs need to improve

I was excited for the Super Bowl matchup of offense versus defense with both teams playing at the top of their games. Watching the game depressed me because I saw the Steelers and Cardinals playing in the Buccaneers’ stadium and it was obvious that the Bucs aren’t close to competing for a championship.

Where would the Bucs look to attack the Steelers’ defense? Do you think the Steelers could bottle up Antonio Bryant easier than Larry Fitzgerald? Could the Bucs pass-block against that confusing 3-4 or could Donald Penn handle James Harrison any better than Mike Gandy?

 On a defense that fell apart down the stretch here in Tampa, could the defensive front muster any rush on Kurt Warner to create problems? Could it slow down Edgerin James on draws or off-tackle? What would it do trying to cover Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breaston all at the same time?

 Both the Cardinals and Steelers had top-notch quarterbacks leading their clubs to a great finish and the Bucs have Brian Griese and Josh Johnson under contract.

 Need I say more.

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