A Dark, Dark, Dark And Confusing Day

February 25th, 2009

Joe just can’t think of proper words to describe what is going on right now and, in fact, is a bit bewildered.

Normally, Joe would be outraged about cutting Derrick Brooks. But so many others have been cut, and the timing of the cut just blows Joe’s mind.

In short, everything Joe has read, researched,  and heard about free agency and the draft is totally thrown out the window.

The Bucs need a quarterback.

The Bucs need a running back.

The Bucs need linebackers.

The Bucs need wide receivers.

The Bucs need defensive tackles.

Good grief. Joe could start throwing darts at the wall ,and if the darts hit anything but offensive line, punter or kicker you’d have just as good of a chance of being correct as the next guy; just as accurate as Mel Kiper or Mike Mayock or the drunk sitting at the end of the bar.

Joe thought Brooks was safe. Clearly defensive coordinator Jim Bates wanted to clean house. The first thing that went through Joe’s mind was how did Brooks, Dunn, Galloway and June not find a way to hang on yet Ronde Barber avoided the Grim Reaper?

Until he got hurt late in the season Brooks was getting the job done. June was OK. Barber wasn’t, and Bates has made no secret he wants more bump-and-run coverage and not zone coverage, at which Barber is not proficient.

Joe feels like he’s been drinking Jameson and Becks all day. Problem is, he hasn’t.

Joe does have one question: How much do the Bucs have under the salary cap now, $60 million?

One Response to “A Dark, Dark, Dark And Confusing Day”

  1. MTM Says:

    I understand what the Buc’s organization is doing. But Brooks being cut hurts. He has been the heart and soul of the Buc’s defense. I wish him the best!!
    Thanks for removing the cream sickal years.