Warrick Dunn Needs To Pay His Power Bills

January 26th, 2009
Among other things Bucs running back Warrick Dunn told Jim Rome today was that he had his power shut off as a rookie because he didnt pay his bills.

Among other things, Warrick Dunn told Jim Rome today he had his power shut off as a rookie because he didn't pay his bills

Warrick Dunn trolled through radio row today at the Tampa Convention Center and appeared on the Jim Rome Show heard locally on WDAE-AM 620. While rapping with Rome, Dunn made a startling revelation:

In his first year with the Bucs, as a new millionaire, he had his power shut off because he didn’t like paying the utility company.

“As a rookie I had my lights shut off because I didn’t pay my bills.”

Wait… what?

Dunn later had an interesting conversation about the Bucs and his career.

Dunn was asked about if he’s happy about the Super Bowl being in town and he said, “Yes and no.”

He went into detail:

“Yes, I don’t have to spend money on hotels but I don’t get the opportunity to experience the game and all the hype. I’ve been to two NFC Championship games but never had the opportunity to get to a Super Bowl.

“I am not going to the game but I will be in the city. Years ago, [the Super Bowl was] too hard to watch. Now I can watch it and enjoy it.

“It gets tough sometimes though. When Tampa won, I saw parts of the game. In hindsight, if I stayed in Tampa, I might have won a Super Bowl.

“My days and years are numbered for being in the inner circle of football.”

Some other questions (and Dunn’s answers) Rome had:

What was it like losing the last four games of the season?

“It was a catastrophe. Some players were on suicide watch. We were so close. One game. Not playing in the tournament, that’s tough. To not win one game out of four, it was a catastrophe. It was tough. Guys are still recovering from that. Guys took that hard.”

How did it happen?

“I’m speechless. To even get to that point… yeah, we lost to Carolina. OK. They won home field advantage. But to not win at home, to not defend our home turf… we led in the fourth quarter. We just weren’t a team to finish. I think it was the little things during the week we didn’t do.”

Did you expect to see Gruden fired after losing the last four games?

“Not at all. I didn’t see it coming. It was a big surprise to everyone. Three weeks after the season? Everybody was shocked. What is going on?

“But [the Glazer Boys] had a plan in place. They felt like Jon was here seven years, felt like it was time for a change and wanted Raheem. He is more energetic, young. He just understands football. Guys respect him and want to go out and play for him. I like Raheem.”

Are you ready for a new coach?

“For me it was my first year with Gruden. I wasn’t ready for him to go or stay. I’ve seen some crazy things. I went through three coaches in Atlanta. The unexpected doesn’t surprise me any more. Jon is a great coach and he will get his opportunities down the road. But the owners and the fans were ready for a change.”

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