Top-10 Reasons The Glazers Fired Gruden

January 16th, 2009
"We whacked him. And it felt good."

"We whacked him. And it felt good. He let down the family."

Boy the Glazers are fascinating. They let Bruce Allen trot out in front of the Tampa Bay media last week and spend an hour twisting the truth and spinning a bunch of laughable answers to direct questions.

The Glazers must have had quite a laugh at that display. That was comically cruel, while they clearly were working the angles behind the scenes and preparing to fire the dynamic duo.

 It was almost poetic justice for Allen and Gruden, who worked the phones secretly courting Brett Favre last summer after Jeff Garcia had saved their jobs.

Know this, Bucs fans. The Glazers have a plan here. And we’ll all learn about it very soon – when they’re good and ready.

For now, we’ll speculate 10 reasons the Glazers fired Chucky.

  1. Monte Kiffin ripped Chucky to shreds in his exit intervew
  2. Glazers bet $2 million on the under in the last Carolina game
  3. Al Davis laughed at the Glazers after the Oakland loss
  4. Season ticket reps couldn’t get Tony Dungy to buy tickets
  5. Joel Glazer’s new open-door policy saw 45 players lined up
  6. Bryan Glazer signs Dexter Jackson’s paycheck
  7. Joey Galloway was on the Glazer’s fantasy team
  8. Cheerleaders quit citing nothing left to cheer about
  9. The season ticket waiting list was down to 26.
  10. Jerramy Stevens moved next door to Joel Glazer

One Response to “Top-10 Reasons The Glazers Fired Gruden”

  1. richard Says:

    The most important was his 57-55 win loss record. I did not realize how bad it was until I saw it on ESPN yesterday. Brian Billick was fired with a better record but was on the same trajectory as was Mr.Gruden