So Who Is The Snitch?

January 18th, 2009
Joe wonders who the secretive former Bucs quarterback is that is feeding Jason Whitlock information about Chucky?

Joe wonders what secretive former Bucs QB feeds Jason Whitlock information about Chucky

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star is one of the best columnists in the country. He apparently was lobbying for Chucky to be the next coach of the Chiefs but was talked off the ledge by both former Bucs great Warren Sapp and “a former Bucs” quarterback.

“He would do a fine job in Kansas City,” Sapp told me. “Why not? The thing that would really be exciting for Gruden in KC is that he’d have a strong-armed young quarterback to work with. Hell, Tyler Thigpen damn near saved Herm Edwards’ job.”

This is where I had to tell Warren to slow his roll.

Tyler Thigpen is not Kansas City’s quarterback of the future. The Chiefs need to draft and develop a franchise quarterback.

“Well, Gruden has never groomed a young quarterback,” Sapp acknowledged. “He’s turned some into head cases.”

Exactly. The former Buccaneer QB I talked to on Saturday made the same point. His contention was that Gruden is a perfect fit for a veteran team, not a young rebuilding club.

“Gruden would be great for Dallas,” the former QB said.

Joe almost is convinced now that Chucky is to quarterbacks what Dave Duncan is to pitchers in baseball. Duncan is a longtime pet orangutan/pitching coach of Tony LaRussa, who just happens to be a friend of Chucky. Given a veteran pitcher, Duncan works well with the hurler. Given a young pitcher to groom, Duncan is a butcher with few equals.

There’s plenty of evidence now to suggest Chucky is a butcher of young quarterbacks. Still, Joe would love to know the identity of Whitlock’s “former Bucs QB.”

3 Responses to “So Who Is The Snitch?”

  1. Mike Says:

    My guess would be Sapp’s fellow partner in broadcasting, Shaun King. King seems to have an insider in 1 Buc Place. Didn’t he call into 620WDAE Friday night with info that Raheem would be the new HC before the Glazers or ESPN even started mentioning it? Burger King probably feels Gruden scuttled his pro career, when he should be really just looking in the mirror instead.

  2. Dave Says:

    C’mon man, who QB’d in KC? Rich Gannon!

  3. Dan Says:

    It was dough boy calves Shaun King. Simms was busy “entertaning” Kyle Shannahan.