Seems Like A Long Time Ago

January 25th, 2009

With Super Bowl week upon us and parties and festivities all over the Tampa Bay area, Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune takes a look back at the lone Bucs Super Bowl win.

Though it occured seven years ago, it seems like ancient history the way the Bucs finished the 2008 season, and lost their Super Bowl-winning coach, Chucky.

The MVP of that Super Bowl, (the good) Dexter Jackson remembers what that win meant for a number of his teammates.

“I’m not sure I understood the full magnitude of the moment. I’m looking at Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp and John Lynch, just seeing their faces. I’m seeing offensive tackle Lomas Brown bawling like a baby because he finally won the Super Bowl in his 18th year. I can still see it. I wish I could freeze that moment forever.”

Jackson also remarked how Chucky owned Tampa Bay that day. He quickly went from being loved to loathed.

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