Rumors Of Favre To Bucs Will Resume

January 12th, 2009
Now that it appears Favre wont be with the Jets next year, Joe expects the rumors of Favre playing for the Bucs will resume.

Now that it appears Favre won't be with the Jets next year, Joe expects the rumors of Favre playing for the Bucs will resume.

Since it appears Chucky has survived the hangman’s noose, one of the top stories leading into Bucs training camp last July may rear its head again.

Rumors of Brett Favre to the Buccaneers.

Favre, who last year played for the Jets, is back in his annual cat-and-mouse game of whether or not he will retire.

Though Favre technically belongs to the Jets, it’s not likely he will remain there. The Jets are hurting with the salary cap. Some reports suggest the Jets will be over $10 million above the cap next year.

Favre’s salary is $13 million a year and it doesn’t seem as if he endeared himself to his teammates in the New Jersey Swamplands.

This brings us to Chucky and the Bucs. Chucky has to know his job is on thin ice so forget about him turning the quarterback reigns over to someone like Luke McCown next year. Chucky is going to want a veteran quarterback to run the offense.

It’s doubtful Jeff Garcia will return. If Chucky places his job in the hands of Son of Bob he’s more mad than Joe ever imagined him to be.

Joe is confident the last thoughts on Chucky’s mind before he falls to sleep at night is to have Jake Plummer at quarterback. But Chucky has failed to get Grizzly Adams out of the mountains and down to Tampa, despite the fact Plummer is married to a former Broncos cheerleader.

So the next best option to satisfy Chucky would likely be Favre.

Don’t be surprised at all if Chucky is tempted (again) to dance the dance with Favre this July.

One Response to “Rumors Of Favre To Bucs Will Resume”

  1. Dave Says:

    If this is what it take to get Gruden outta here, so be it. Gruden will not last another year here with an old QB.