Joe At Super Bowl Media Day

January 28th, 2009

Super Bowl Media Day was a long day for Joe. He got up at 5 a.m. Tuesday, leaving shortly thereafter for the media festivities in Tampa. Joe returned home in the wee hours.


But it was fun. Joe will provide additional reports and revealing photos from Media Day shortly. Some other photos Joe shot are of the kind Joe took of a lovely Latina reporter. Joe can’t figure out which is her bad side? Maybe you can provide assistance?

Anyway, Joe thought he would bring you what he filed for Joe’s good friend, Again, much more on Media Day will come before the Super Bowl kicks off:

(Please forgive Joe as the text doesn’t want to wrap around Ms. Inez, a concept foreign to Joe.)

* Radio row was virtually vacant at 9 a.m., save for maybe five shows. The only shows that showed any life were Randy Cross and Bob Papa of NFL Radio, a Pittsburgh station which seemed to have a cast of eight and a local Tampa station where the on-air moron, who is a Tony Siragusa lookalike, was screaming at some caller named “Pat.”

* The Cardinals’ morning session seemed light compared to the (hot) afternoon Steelers session. The Steelers session was much livelier.

* If you are unaware of Jenn Brown, you need to do some research. She nearly stole the day despite the presence of our favorite tight white slacks-wearing Latina reporter.

* The Cardinals were all seated at their assigned booths as their session began. Media relations staff provided grids and rosters showing where each player was. The Steelers mingled and trolled amidst the fourth estate like a crowded college pub on a Saturday night, totally at ease and seemingly enjoying themselves (not that the Cardinals didn’t).

* Women from a Tampa dance troupe wore colorful, if not scant attire, and provided free salsa lessons to various interested Steelers. The dancers are apparently part of an Entertainment Tonight Super Bowl special.

* In person, Steelers head man Dan Rooney is tiny.

* Cardinals’ longtime owner Bill Bidwill seemed lost.

* John Clayton must be a radio interviewer’s dream. You ask him one NFL question, his response is five-minutes long.

* Steelers kicker Jeff Reed was quite popular with the foreign press who wouldn’t know a football from a Whopper. Reed was also a must-stop for the Hollywood crews, as was Cardinals backup quarterback Matt Leinhart.

* A woman working for THE BEST DAMN SHOW PERIOD demanded a chestbump from each Steelers player she interviewed. Each player happily obliged.

* Some clown working for some electronic media outlet dressed at Genghis Kahn and screamed unintelligible jibberish at whatever player he tried to “interview” in order to get some sort of reaction out of them. Instead, the “reporter” only received puzzled looks from said player.

* Warren Sapp just does not stop talking. Never. His voice often echoed in Raymond James Stadium.

* A TV reporter (apparently) from an unknown outlet used a violin as a prop. He would ask each interviewee what song he preferred and then try to play the song in an effort to lure further answers from him.

2 Responses to “Joe At Super Bowl Media Day”

  1. Dave Says:

    Oh dear god let TV Azteca go on for ever.Thank you and praise be to you for Inez and her sweet,sweet booty.

  2. Chris Says:

    pic #2 is better. OK face but goddesslike butt.