Former Bucs QB Undefeated In Postseason

January 5th, 2009
Jeff Carson nailed all four playoff games, picking Arizona, San Diego, Baltimore and Philly

Former Bucs QB Jeff Carson nailed all four Wild Card playoff games, picking Arizona, San Diego, Baltimore and Philly

Time to applaud former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson, who is known to many for his work on Bright House Sports Networks, ESPN 1040 AM and coaching young quarterbacks

Carlson was the only expert to serve up a perfect record of picks, 4-0, for last weekend’s playoff games. Joe guesses the lesson learned is not to mess with the pros.

Joe provided expert picks for the opening round playoff slate, and the wide range of selections created the opportunity to make fun of some and praise others. All the picks are below.

Kudos to analyst Bob Fox for finishing 3-1. And Justin Pawlowski, of The Sports Animal, saved face with a 2-2 mark. Both nailed their best bets. As for the others, there’s always next week, fellas. 

JUSTIN PAWLOWSKI host of The Blitz on 620 AM, The Sports Animal JEFF CARLSON former Bucs quarterback and analyst on 1040 AM ESPN Radio BOBBY FENTON Sports Radio 1010 AM, The Free Sretch

BOB FOX JoeBucsFan analyst & freelance sportswriter

STEVE ISBITTS Executive Editor, JoeBucsFan
Falcons 27-21 Cards 27-24 Falcons 31-23 Falcons 24-20 Cards 31-28
Colts 31-17 S.D. 24-23 Colts 34-26 S. D. 27-24 Colts 42-24
Ravens 20-6 Ravens 20-17 Miami 20-17 Ravens 20-17 Miami 17-16
Eagles 27-24 Eagles 20-13 Eagles 26-24 Eagles 27-17 Vikings 24-20






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