Doug Williams Talks Race, Tebow and Super Bowl

January 30th, 2009
Ex-Bucs QB and Super Bowl winner Doug Williams got personal in a radio interview

Ex-Bucs QB and Super Bowl winner Doug Williams got personal in a radio interview

Former Bucs quarterback and current Tampa Bay personnel executive Doug Williams sat down with Mike Francesca of WFAN-AM radio to talk about race in the NFL and more. Joe recommends you take a listen.

Williams, the lone black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, with Washington in 1988, shared how happy he is that the age of labeling coaches and quarterbacks as “black” is in the past.

“It really turns me on when I listen to the Ben Roethlisbergers and the other players talk about Mike Tomlin. It ain’t about black coach. It’s about our coach,” Williams said.

Williams said he cried when Barack Obama was sworn in as President this month. He said he wept for his father and the late Grambling coach Eddie Robinson.

“Coach Robinson was the most American flag waving coach I ever seen. … A lot of times we’d say coach, ‘You sure wave that American flag.’ He’d say, ‘Hell, cat, if you can get it done, America is the only place you’ll get a shot to get it done. He used to tell us all the time, ‘If you can’t do it in America, there ain’t nowhere else you can get it done.'”

On college QBs Tim Tebow and Pat White: “If the kid wants to play quarterback, you have to give Tebow an opportunity to play quarterback. …When we go in and watch the tape on Pat White, …we say this kid’s a wide receiver, defensive back, whatever, we gotta let him try and play quarterback. …He’s earned the right.”

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