Will Herm Edwards Return To Tampa Bay?

January 23rd, 2009
If the Chiefs cut ties with Herm Edwards, would he ponder a return to the Bucs?

If the Chiefs cut ties with Herm Edwards, would he ponder a return to the Bucs?

Joe has always had a soft spot for Herm Edwards. Jets fans may recoil in horror and Chiefs fans may curse aloud but Joe thinks Herm is a good coach and a damned fine man.

Herm was a solid coach with the Bucs under Father Dungy. And if Peter King’s educated guess is accurate, Herm could be had by the Bucs. And not as part of a Chucky-like trade either.

Since Scott Pioli was hired to be the Chiefs new general manager, rumors and speculation has become rampant that Herm could lose his job in Kansas City. Sort of makes sense: A new general manager would want to hire his own coach, especially when the team that just hired him has one of the worst records in the NFL.

King, writing today on SI.com, is reading the tea leaves and predicts Herm will get the pink slip soon.

New Kansas City GM Scott Pioli allowing Gunther Cunningham to leave the coaching staff with a year left on his contract to be Detroit’s defensive coordinator tells me Herman Edwards is in his final days at the helm. Why let a trusted guy walk if you’re not planning a change?

Not sure if Herm would want to be a lowly defensive backs coach after years of being a head coach. But Joe assumes if Herm could get a lofty title such as, “Royal Knighted Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Backs Coach” that may take some of the sting out of such a step down.

Well, that and a boatload of Benjamins.

Just play to win the game Herm!

[UPDATE: The Chiefs fired Herm late this afternoon.]

[UPDATE II: While finishing his interview with Raheem the Dream on WDAE-AM 620 this afternoon, Steve Duemig informed The Dream of Herm’s firing. The Dream said, “I’m calling him right now.” Let’s hope The Dream offers him a job in the phone call. Come home Herm.]

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