Clayton Blasts Chucky; Wants To Stay In Tampa

January 17th, 2009
Bucs receiver Michael Clayton raked Chucky over the coals in a local radio interview shortly after Chuckys firing was made public.

Bucs WR Michael Clayton raked Chucky over the coals in a radio interview shortly after Chucky's firing was made public.

The news of Jon Gruden’s firing may have pleased many a Bucs fan but no one seemed more ecstatic than Bucs wide receiver Michael Clayton.

Speaking with Nancy Donnellan of ESPN 1040 AM Friday, shortly after the news broke that Chucky (and Bruce Almighty) was fired, Clayton pulled no punches in describing how players were treated by Chucky.

In fact, Clayton trashed Chucky like few players Joe has ever heard, including Meshawn Johnson.

Granted, Clayton has had an erratic-at-best career with the Bucs. But that didn’t stop him from tearing Chucky to shreds. He noted how Gruden essentially treated injured players as third-class citizens, no matter how serious or legitimate the injury. If a player was injured, said Clayton, he was automatically in Chucky’s doghouse: a target of constant vulgar ridicule and scorn.

“You don’t treat people that way,” Clayton said.

Please note Clayton also played for a guy by the name of Nick Saban at LSU, who isn’t exactly a choir boy. Given Clayton’s tirade, that doesn’t say much for Chucky.

When Donnellan asked him if he would be interested in returning as a Bucs receiver, Clayton acknowledged he had a great deal of interest in staying to Tampa Bay and that he loved the area. Weeks ago he talked like a man dying to leave town.

When Clayton was asked if he would have considered resigning with the Bucs with Chucky as head coach, “an hour ago,” Clayton flatly stated, “No!”

Clayton was so descriptive and emotional in his dressing down of Chucky, that at the end of the interview, Donnellan thanked Clayton for “being so candid.”

One Response to “Clayton Blasts Chucky; Wants To Stay In Tampa”

  1. Kris Says:

    Maybe if you weren’t such a b**ch Clayton and actually contributed,you precious little feeling wouldnt have been hurt.Take your millions stand on the sideline,do nothing(weather or not you play) and you cant take some verbal(probably deserved)abuse.Go to hell,I dont want you back in Tampa.