Carlson: There Was No Entertaining Going On

January 16th, 2009

Former Bucs quarterback and analyst Jeff Carlson says the Gruden-Allen era wiped out the talent base of the team

Former Bucs QB and analyst Jeff Carlson says the Gruden-Allen era wiped out the Bucs' talent

Why did the Bucs’ owners fire the coach and general manager?

After seven seasons, the cupboard of talent on this team is almost bare and that is nothing but the result of poor management.

Jon Gruden said he wanted Jeff Garcia back as the starting quarterback at 39. Earnest Graham is the only running back with potential. Antonio Bryant is the only quality receiver on the team – and he’s a free agent. The defensive front is questionable. Barrett Ruud is a stud, but Cato June is a question and Derrick Brooks should be a reserve. Ronde Barber is going to the Pro Bowl, but should be a situational nickel-back. Most of the role players don’t have upside (future starter) potential.

Make no mistake that pro sports is an entertainment business. And as I watched the final game of the season against the Raiders from the back of the Club section (sparse crowd in that area), there was no entertaining going on.

Gruden’s offense hasn’t offered much in the way of entertainment since the playoff run that ended in the Lombardi Trophy. Plus the defense hasn’t been able to get within arm’s length of the opposing quarterback in some time.

The Glazers need to sell Pewter Partner sponsorships and luxury suites and, as Jon Gruden likes to say, that takes some “juice.” His players don’t have any juice, as witnessed by the December meltdown.

You can bet that in this country’s economic meltdown, sponsors weren’t going to pour juice into the Glazer’s coffers anymore with Gruden running the team.

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