Brooks Is Coming Back

January 29th, 2009
Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks suggested Chucky treated the team well.

Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks suggested Chucky treated the team well.

Speaking via telephone on the Mike Tirico Show on BSPN radio Thursday, Bucs veteran linebacker Derrick Brooks vowed to return to football for the 2009 season.

Where he will play might be a different issue.

In wrapping up a short interview with Brooks, Torico asked, “Are you coming back next year?”

Brooks replied, “Yes I am, yes I am.”

Brooks also was asked about his current and former teammates blasting Chucky, including Simeon Rice who called Chucky “a scumbag.”

Brooks, who is one of the few players to stick up for Chucky, stated comments from Rice and others stemmed from personality issues or personal problems with Chucky, not the way Chucky treated the team.

“A lot of the opinions are personal situations, some of which are more intimate than what I know. I don’t know the every day dealings with [Gruden and others].

“He treated the team well. I spent time with him as a captain and asked for items for the team, most were given. “

Moments later while appearing on Mad Dog Unleashed with Chris Russo on Sirius Radio, Brooks has more to say.

On the Bucs late-season collapse:

“December was a tough month. They were all winnable games. At the end of the day we are watching [the playoffs]. My nights haven’t been very restful.”

On the Carolina Monday night loss:

“It was all missed tackles. Carolina won the one-on-one battles. What’s more alarming, because our offense was moving the ball, people used to watching Buccaneer football were not used to watching that much offense and us not winning.”

On the Raiders loss:

“I never thought in my right mind we wouldn’t show up that day. In retrospect there were signs. But never in my mind did I think we would lose that game.”

More on Chucky’s firing:

“I was as shocked as anyone. But, hey, in 14 years I wanted to wring a few necks myself.

On playing for Raheem the Dream:

“It’s going to be fun with the energy he is going to bring. It’s a different personality. He was my younger brother and is now my boss. I think he just needs to be himself.

“We’re going to have a few extra mini camps because of a new coach.”

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