Barber Makes Undeserved Pro Bowl

January 14th, 2009
Ronde Barber is one of Joes favorite players. Despite this, Joe cant say with a straight face Barber deserved to be selected for the Pro Bowl

Ronde Barber is one of Joe's favorite players. Despite this, Joe can't say with a straight face Barber deserved to be selected for the Pro Bowl

Before Joe has to take off running from the burning torches, he wants to be clear: Joe loves Ronde Barber.

Still, Joe just can’t look at the Bucs through Pewter and Red glasses. Well, at least not every day. While on the surface Joe was happy to learn Ronde Barber was named to his fifth Pro Bowl, Joe has to be honest.

Barber didn’t deserve it.

“Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be on some great teams, and my selection to the Pro Bowl is further evidence of that,” Barber said. “It is a great honor to represent the Buccaneers and the NFC in Hawaii. Another Pro Bowl experience is one I really look forward to enjoying.”

Barber is one of Joe’s favorite players. And Barber has been kind to Joe when Joe interviewed him earlier in the preseason, which Joe appreciates very much. But even Barber, if pulled aside for a private chat, would likely admit he didn’t play to his usual stellar standards this past season.

Too many times Barber was fried on passes by opposing wide receivers and quarterbacks. Sure, Barber made some great plays this season but he was wildly inconsistent and, sadly, showed signs that Father Time might be catching up with him.

No shame in that. It happens to every athlete eventually.

Barber will always be one of Joe’s favorite Bucs defenders. But can he — or any Bucs fan — truthfully look in the mirror and state No. 20 was one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL this season?

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