Tampa Police: Raiderfan Drunk, Disorderly

December 31st, 2008

On Monday, Joe brought you the story, via Deadspin.com, of Raiderfan from New Jersey who claimed he did nothing wrong and was run from the CITS. So Raiderfan starts an e-mail campaign to clean his name. Problem was, he wouldn’t release his name.

So Raiderfan is on the offensive and he was exposed by the Tampa police, again, per Deadspin.com. Raiderfan tried to get an explanation from the Tampa Sports Authority but it didn’t work so well.

We are sorry that you did not have the experience that you expected to have here at Raymond James Stadium during the Raiders game. We seek to offer each fan a positive experience.

Your inquiry, however, cannot be addressed by our staff due to your ejection by the Tampa Police Department. The TPD records indicate that you were intoxicated and caused a disturbance by cussing and instigating fights, thus your questions must be directed to them, now. Please call *** at ********* and he will respond to your concerns”.

This reply didn’t please Raiderfan.

Like i said before though, I wasn’t drunk. I did have a couple beers outside of the stadium, but I wasn’t drinking inside the stadium. I was not breathalyzed or given a field sobriety test by the officers, so I’m not sure how they made that determination.

I’ll admit I probably cursed at some point in the first quarter and a half of the game. I wasn’t directing it at any fans, but I’m sure a “F*uck yeah!” as the Raiders forced another punt popped out at some point. I would have felt it was totally reasonable for someone from the Tampa Bay staff to pull me out my seat, and ask me to adjust my language.


Joe was highly skeptical that a Raiderfan — from New Jersey no less! — would be the model of good manners where there was beer involved. Joe knows how that “couple of beers outside the stadium” works all too well. Joe’s had “a couple of beers” (more like eight) before a game and then sobered up during the game while he sweated out the alcohol in the searing Florida sun.

Besides, if $8 beers won’t sober you up, Joe isn’t sure what will. Joe has nothing personal against the Glazer Boys but $8 a beer… well, even Joe has standards.

Deadspin also posted a photo of Raiderfan in question. He may not have any taste in NFL teams or beer (Natty Light, really???) but it appears he has good taste in women. Joe is impressed.

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