Surprise! Carmella’s Husband Expected To Start

December 12th, 2008

Joe was suspicious from the word “go” when rumors began floating out of One Buc Palace that Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia may not play due to missed practice time from a sore right calf. And if Woody Cummings’ report on is to be believed, Joe’s cynicism was accurate.

Garcia is expected to start.

“He was limited,’’ Gruden said. “He didn’t do a lot but after talking to the trainers and talking to Jeff we think he’s got a chance to play. We’re hopeful he can play. Jeff’s our starter and we’ll leave it at that. If we have to make an adjustment we will.’’

Unless Garcia was missing a right leg, Chucky was going to start him. And Garcia wasn’t going to let Chucky take him off the field, 100 percent or not. This may be the Bucs’ biggest game of the season.

Joe is confident Camella is pleased with the news.

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