Son of Bob Doesn’t Like Santa

December 14th, 2008
Son of Bob and the Bucs offense was given an early Christmas gift. Only a stiff like Son of Bob doesnt like Santa.

Son of Bob and the Bucs offense was given an early Christmas gift. Only a stiff like Son of Bob could reject Santa.

The Bucs were trailing 10-7 with three and a half minutes left in regulation. The Falcons were punting near midfield and about to pin the Bucs deep in their own territory. In short, the Dixie Chicks were preparing to stop the Bucs and win the game.

Then, here comes Santa Claus.

The Bucs version of St. Nick, Ryan Clark (Joe will write more about him later), who shouldn’t have even been dressed for the game, blocks the punt and Sabby Piscitelli recovers at the Dixie Chicks-22.

The Bucs only need two first downs, or one big play, and they win the game. A quick 10-yard pass to Michael Clayton and the Bucs now have 1st and 10 at the Falcons’ 11 yard line knocking on the door.

Then, the Bucs did a remarkable job screwing themselves; A short run, a sack of Son of Bob, a penalty and the Bucs’ chances of getting a touchdown were done. Nothing like losing 20 yards in the red zone.

After the Bucs settled for a game-tying field goal, the defense held the Dixie Chicks to a three-and-out. Again, the Bucs again had a chance to put the game away only to see Son of Bob throw the chances away.

After two putrid runs, the Bucs had a third-and-eight on the Falcons-37. From the shotgun, Son of Bob is sacked. Again.

This wouldn’t have happened with Jeff Garcia.

Son of Bob had a chance to be a hero. Instead, he went down quicker than a cheap prostitute in a navy port. He looked like a China doll back there. No mobility and never really tried to escape a sack. Just fell down like a little girl.

Joe doesn’t know how that skunk can look into the eyes of Derrick Brooks or Ronde Barber after the performance the Bucs defense turned in today.

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