Report: Arena League Cancelling 2009 Season

December 10th, 2008

Yes, Joe knows this subject isn’t about the Bucs but it does deal with football (in a sort of twisted way) and the Tampa Bay region so Joe is bringing you this news:

It looks like the Tampa Bay Storm may not be playing this season and the team’s future could be in doubt.

Sam Adams (not the beer) of the Rocky Mountain News reports the Arena Football League will announce by the end of the week that it will suspend operations for the 2009 season.

Earlier this week, the AFL released a statement saying the league is “working on long-term structural improvements.”

The league’s schedule for 2009 has not been released, and free agency and the dispersal draft have been placed on hold.

Longtime commissioner David Baker resigned earlier this year and the New Orleans franchise was disbanded.

While Joe isn’t a real big fan of pinball football, he realizes all sorts of Bucs fans are. This news saddens Joe. Less football, even pinball football, is a terrible thing.

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