One Raiderfan Not Happy With Bucs Loss

December 29th, 2008

Seems as though one Raiderfan had a bad day at the Bucs loss to the Raiders at the CITS yesterday.

Consider the email sent to the good people of from a Raiderfan, from New Jersey no less, who was tossed from the CITS.

I had a very negative experience at Raymond James Stadium while attempting to attend the Buccaneers/Raider NFL football game. My day started poorly as I was forced to go to three different entrance gates because I was “wearing the wrong colors” before I could obtain admittance with my ticket to the game.

The game went without incident up until the first score of the game by the Raiders. I stood in celebration, and before the extra point was even kicked, I was being led away by stadium personnel. Once out of the stands, I was placed in handcuffs, although I was not resisting the stadium personnel’s requests, or read my rights and placed under arrest. I was lead to a single person holding cell where my possessions were removed, and I was subjected to a full body frisking. After being detained for roughly 30 minutes, I was released outside of the stadium, and informed that I could not return to the stadium.

Joe finds it vvvveeeerrrryyyy difficult to believe a Raiderfan from Jersey would be the model of etiquette and sportsmanship, especially at a place which served alcohol.

Joe is of the mind that if you wear the opposing team’s gear to an away game, you better be quiet as a church mouse and as polite as a little old nun. Otherwise, you pretty much get what you deserve.

Sure, Joe has gone to stadiums where he wore gear of the visiting team. But Joe was smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not stand up and cheer (with the exception of wearing Cardinals gear to Wrigley Field which, if anyone has ever gone to a Cardinals-Cubs game in Chicago or St. Louis, knows that’s no big deal). To act otherwise, you are begging for trouble.

Especially if you are Raiderfan.

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