Carrucci: Kiffin The Cause Of Bucs’ Collapse?

December 27th, 2008

The last three weeks have been unsettling for Bucs fans. Rarely can a Bucs fan think of a time when the defense has looked so, well, mortal, in three consecutive weeks.

Vic Carucci of suggests the reason is Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Specifically, Carucci thinks Kiffin is distracted with his new job as the defensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee.

Monte Kiffin. The name is synonymous with great defense. You can worry about the inconsistency at quarterback and the absence of play-making receivers and the injuries at running back. You’re not supposed to worry about Kiffin’s guys.

Until now.

Identifying the collapse is easy. Explaining it isn’t. Some league observers point to the fact that it was three weeks ago that speculation began about Kiffin leaving the team to work with his son, Lane, the new head coach at the University of Tennessee. Speculation has since become fact, and they wonder if he is giving his current employer its full attention while preparing for his new gig.

Joe thinks this is an absolute load of crap. The news about Kiffin bolting the Bucs to work with his son Lane bubbled to the surface much longer than three weeks ago. Joe was the first to report Kiffin may leave the Bucs with Lane back in October. Math is not Joe’s gig but Joe believes this to be nine weeks ago, not three.

Second, the Bucs have suffered many key injuries to key positions, specifically the two starting defensive tackles. Then tack Derrick Brooks’ list of injuries and the loss of Jermaine Phillips for the year.

Joe doesn’t believe for a second that Kiffin is the reason for the Bucs struggles on defense.

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