Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

December 16th, 2008

As Joe has pointed out in the post about Chucky’s press conference, Chucky claims he didn’t know how many reps Son of Bob took in practice last week, which Joe doesn’t believe for a split second.

Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times has caught Chucky in another lie from yesterday.

Gruden said on more than one occasion last week that McCown was handling the majority of the practice snaps while Garcia did little because of his calf injury. That’s what led us to believe McCown would be the starter in the first place. I submit this quote from Thursday as evidence: “Luke has been taking a lot of snaps and Brian is going to work himself back in tomorrow (Friday). For the first time, really, in the past couple months we’re seeing him throw the ball as well as he is. So, that’s a good sign for us.”

But [Monday], Gruden changed his story. He said Garcia took lots of snaps in practice last week and, as a result, neither McCown nor Griese had adequate preparation to start the game. He said that’s why he went with Griese, because he had played the Falcons earlier this season. And Griese is obviously more experienced, which theoretically makes him better-equipped to handle the situation on such short notice.

Here’s Gruden’s quote: “We have a 90-play walk-through . . . which pretty much explains the game plan for the quarterback. And Jeff took all those. . . Neither one of those guys (McCown and Griese) was really prepared to be the starter in the game.”

Either Chucky doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s such a pathological liar he doesn’t even know when he’s telling the truth or not; or doesn’t even know what the truth is. As a result, he’s making life miserable for himself and possibly putting his own job in jeopardy.

It’s coming across that Chucky is over his head or is actually demented enough to believe he can get by with such lies, despite the fact people record his every word.

4 Responses to “Liar, Liar Pants On Fire”

  1. Chris Says:

    “Neither one of those guys (McCown and Griese) was really prepared to be the starter in the game.”

    Ummm NO S$%#!

    SOB has the pocket presence of belly button lint!

  2. Chris Says:

    God thats LOSER talk!!!

    Gru is startin to piss me OFF!

  3. JK Says:

    Why would Gruden tell you, Holder or anyone else what he’s going to do? He doesn’t have to be honest with anyone but his team. You guys just get all soured up because your used. Get even and keep writing negative articles against him because you are the one that pay his salary, right?

  4. Dave Says:

    Yes. We are the one’s that pay his salary. He’s a pathalogical LIAR. He needs to be reigned in, IMO, he’s out of control with this team and it could take years for us to get back on track offensively. What’s are plan for next year? We have NONE. Get this loon outta here!