Lashing Out Could Help Galloway Move On

December 15th, 2008
Flexing his mouth might be Joey Galloway's best next move

Flexing his mouth might be Joey Galloway's best next move

It’s safe to say Joey Galloway would rather not play for Jon Gruden next year.

On Sunday, Gruden deactivated Galloway for the critical matchup in Atlanta. It was the first “heathy scratch” of Galloway’s 14 year career, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Galloway has largely brushed off reporters’ questions about his fall from grace, after more than 1,000 receiving yards last season. Galloway also has been a model team player when faced with questions on The Joey Galloway Show, Mondays at 6 p.m. on 620 AM, The Sports Animal.  

Joe appreciates Galloway’s professionalism, but it may be time for Galloway to start firing some well placed shots at Chucky.

Galloway has another year on his contract and the Bucs are likely to bring him back to training camp next year as an insurance policy for Antonio Bryant and to help keep him from landing with another NFC South team.

Sadly, the best way for Galloway to get booted from the Bucs roster and get a legitimate chance to play next season would be for him to publically air his disgust and desire to get out of Chucky’s doghouse and finish his career elsewhere.

Now that reserve wide receiver Brian Clark (likely activated in place of Galloway) is the latest Bucs special teams hero – his blocked punt set up what should have been the Bucs game-winning TD – there is even less of a chance that Galloway plays another snap this season. 

Joe would like to see Galloway lash out now. That would be entertaining. But expect Galloway to take the high road and open up in the locker room to a crowd of reporters following the Bucs final game.

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