“Journalistic Hack!”

December 15th, 2008

Joe is not a fan of BSPN. Years ago, that four-letter outfit was must-watch for any sports fan. Now, it’s only must-watch for those who have undergone a lobotomy or are under the influence of powerful bi-polar medications.

In fact, Joe is confident he brings Bucs fans more information than BSPN does on its Bucs page.

Years ago (seriously) Joe quit watching BSPN except for live games and few select shows, the number of which Joe can count on one hand with fingers left over. BSPN’s “news coverage” pounds a handful of teams over viewers’ heads, and if you are not a fan of those few teams you are screwed.

Ironically, BSPN passes this nonsense off as journalism. Anyone have a barf bag?

Joe has found many other TV networks and blogs and Internet sites where a sports fan can get loads more information than what is offered by BSPN.

So when Joe comes across evidence of someone from BSPN getting horse dung thrown back at him, Joe loves it. If they can dish it out, they ought to be able to receive it, no?

So in the spirit of fairness, enjoy the following video.

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