Joe’s Take: Don’t Count Out Dungy

December 2nd, 2008
Nobody's more qualified than Tony Dungy to replace Monte Kiffin

Nobody's more qualified than Tony Dungy to replace Monte Kiffin

Already we’re hearing a long list of names metioned to replace Monte Kiffin as Bucs defensive coordinator in 2009, when he is expected to say goodbye to the Bucs and join son Lane Kiffin at the University of Tennessee.

But there’s one man off the radar, and he’s the most qualified of all. That would be Tony Dungy.

Joe is serious. Dungy should be considered (assuming he leaves the Colts head coaching job), and it’s not that far-fetched that he would consider the Bucs coordinator gig. 

First, Dungy is a religious, forgiving, pillar of a man. Joe is sure that long ago he let go of any upset he had toward the Glazer family when they fired him in 2002.

While it’s widely assumed Dungy will leave the Colts, live in Tampa and begin full-time work here in a ministry and charitable endeavors, there’s a chance Dungy would want to stay in the NFL in a less-demanding position. Plus making some more millions would surely help fund his off-the-field pursuits.

Dungy moved his family back to Tampa full-time in 2008, and his son played football at Plant High School. Home is a short drive from Raymond James Stadium.

As for Dungy as a coordinator, he’s done the job before in Minnesota and had a No. 1 ranked defense there. And, of course, he and Monte Kiffin were the architects of the Tampa 2 defense in the ’90s.

Nobody would command more respect in the locker room than Dungy, and he’d be the ultimate mentor if the Bucs want to groom Raheem Morris to take over the defensive coordinator job in a few years. Morris may be ready now, but at 32, he has limited experience and would benefit from Dungy’s leadership.

Could Dungy work with Jon Gruden? Dungy could work with anyone. Plus, Gruden would probably let out one massive exhale knowing he doesn’t have to worry about the defense at all.

Lastly, as Joe has mentioned many times previously, the Bucs have been struggling to sell tickets. And by the looks of the stands at Sunday’s Saints game, they’re now having trouble getting fans to show up for games. Dungy’s return would certainly be a massive shot in the arm for the franchise.

Regardless, Dungy, if available, is the most qualified man for the job.

4 Responses to “Joe’s Take: Don’t Count Out Dungy”

  1. Fastah5 Says:

    What a circus that would be. Tony’s the one guy that would handle it with class and stay away from the spotlight. Brooks and Barber would be so jazzed

  2. Chris Says:

    I agree. Will it happen? I don’t think so.

    I think Raheem Morris gets it!

  3. Dave Says:

    Haa..could you imaging Bruce Allen having to fire Dungy if the defense took a dump!?
    Whatever Joe is drinking,I want 2.

  4. crackerick Says:

    Did a double take on this one. They’d have to break the bank on this one. But maybe Dungy could also help with scouting defensive players. I’m sure he has his price. Will the Glazers meet it