’s Campbell Was Right

December 11th, 2008

Yesterday Joe pointed out a fantastic article written by analyst Steve Campbell where he detailed how Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia was at fault for a number of the recent surge of sacks given up the Bucs.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune explained how Garcia has been sacked 15 times in the past three games. Joe wanted readers to make sure they read Campbell’s article so as not to drop all the blame at the feet of the Bucs offensive line (not that they are totally innocent either).

Well, it seems Campbell was right. Garcia even said so.

Speaking to Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune Wednesday, Garcia accepted blame for some of the sacks.

“It’s just unfortunate. I realize we have been sacked quite a bit more in the past three weeks. That’s something that personally I would like to talk to [Buccaneers offensive line coach] Bill [Muir] about what I can do to help the team out in that sort of situation,” Garcia said. “Part of it is just getting caught in situations where either I’m getting stuck holding onto the ball or having one mistake in one place that’s allowing pressure to get through.”

Joe is not one to blow his own trumpet. But darn it, Joe is beyond fortunate to have someone like Campbell writing for him. Please do yourself a favor and be sure to read his weekly breakdowns of the Bucs offensive line. You are welcome.

Campbell was also correct when he mentioned to Joe that pictures and videos of Carmella add a certain spice to Joe’s blog.

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